FDHS COMMITTEE DESCRIPTIONS (Chairs & Volunteers Needed)

Advocacy Committee Chair  attends meeting on behalf of FDHS (PGCPS Board meetings, MD Dept of Ed., and community meetings).  Briefs Executive Board Members, FDHS Staff and FDHS Parents on the outcomes of each meeting; facilitates discussions and programs to support improved parent or guardian communications and involvement in school activities.  Develops an effective advocacy team that communicates the PTSA’s perspective on legislation and related issues to elected officials – on the school board, in the State Legislature and in the United States Congress as well as keeping the general membership informed of legislative issues and developments. Requires as little as two hours per month – one hour attending the monthly board meeting and one hour staying informed, writing related articles for the monthly newsletter/website and making calls if necessary.  Follow this link to volunteer.
Alumni Outreach & Engagement Committee/Alumni Network Committee:  Connect and network with FDHS alums.  Encourage financial, social, academic and enrichment support from graduates.  Push for the creation of an Alumni Association.

Capital Improvements Committee: will establish and maintain a relationship with the PGCPS Department of Capital Programs.  The committee is aware of the improvements needed at the school and will monitor the completion of these task.  Will keep records of dates and times of submissions and make recommendations. Will support FDHS administration in their quest improve the appearance, efficiency and structure of the FDHS school building and surrounding grounds.
Booster Committee:  Works with the various FDHS student organizations and sports teams to identify active parents and cultivate a working relationship with those parents. Ensures that the PTSA and school organizations are not working at cross purposes.  Also is the liaison to the Homecoming and Prom Committees.

FDHS School-Business Partnership Team:  Group of parent volunteers, education professionals and business owners from the FDHS school area, united to increase awareness and gather support and participation for school-business partnerships.. Team members serve as advocates and ambassadors throughout our community.  The team is instrumental in assisting with the planning of the FDHS Career Day.

Career Day/Live Your Dream Event:   During Career Day, parents and/or community members instruct our students in a wide variety of career opportunities.  The Career Day Committee Chair, in conjunction with the Counseling office, solicits a variety of speakers and Human Resources representatives to visit FDHS to present their potential careers and employment opportunities to FDHS students.  Volunteers are needed.

Communications /Social Media Committee:    The Communications Committee is charged with identifying tools and developing an inventory of resources to communicate with parents, alumni and students of FDHS. In addition, the committee will recommend appropriate avenues to increase the visibility of FDHS programs and propose to the FDHS PTSA a communications plan with various methods of information dissemination about FDHS.

Gardening / Grounds Beautification: this committee works with the IB MYP students and sponsors and spearheads grounds upkeep and beautification.  Tasks include helping with the fall and spring cleanup, landscaping, upkeep.   Volunteers do not need green thumbs and time commitment is flexible.
Grade Level Representatives/Class Parent(s): Assist the class sponsors, administrators, counselors and SGA representatives with fundraising efforts, dances, homecoming activities, disseminating information, class luncheons, prom, senior class picnic, field trips, honor roll activities, graduation etc.

Grants Committee: determines the equitable allocation of PTSA funds in the fall to support and activities, supply, and infrastructure projects that enhance student life at FDHS.  Requires a brief period of activity in October.

FDHS Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week Committee (: helps to coordinate Appreciation Week, May 5 – May 9, 2014.  Parents show their gratitude for all that the FDHS PTSA teachers do for our children. The Committee Chair coordinates the events for the week which include acts of kindness for the teachers and staff at FDHS. In the past, students and parents have written letters of appreciation, organized and stocked the supply closet, ordered and delivered flowers and small plants.

Fundraising Committee: coordinates all FDHS PTSA fundraising efforts, Annual Fund, Brick Sales, Community Partnerships, Homecoming Ask, merchant fundraising opportunities available through Amazon Marketplace and Bonus cards, and any other fundraising activities deemed necessary by the PTSA.  The fundraising committee is also responsible for soliciting and generating new fundraising ideas. Requires a moderate level of involvement throughout the school year, dependent upon the variable fundraising needs of the association.

Membership Committee: Co-chairs   Sharon Fletcher ( and Kimberly Daniels ( recruits PTSA members, collects information and remits any membership dues collected in the treasures absence to the PTSA Treasurer.  Assembles and maintains a computer database of members. Seeks out parent volunteers to chair PTSA committees and explores improved ways to reach and involve all the members of the FDHS parent community. In charge of the “FDHS 500 Campaign”. Requires some involvement during the summer months in preparation for registration and the membership drive followed by a high level of involvement at the beginning of the school year. There continues to be a light level of work throughout the remainder of the year.
National Men Make A Difference Day Committee:  The goal of National Men Make A Difference Day For Academic Success is to increase male parental involvement in the lives of students. Events will take place throughout PGCPS

Scholarship Committee: Co-Chairs works with parents, teachers and students to provide information, guidance and support during the scholarship application process.  The committee will identify potential scholarships and share the information with FDHS parents and students.  Goal to establish a scholarship fund that will offer small scholarships to graduating Seniors.

Volunteer Coordinator:  Recruits volunteers throughout the school year with the Volunteer Interest Form. Maintains spreadsheet of volunteer information and provides volunteer information to Committee chairs in advance of events and programs. Recruit volunteers for various FDHS PTSA and School related activities.  Manage a database for all volunteers. Informs parents about volunteer processdures.  Publicize volunteer opportunities and provide input in the recruitment of next year’s PTA and volunteer positions to the nominating committee.

Middle School Liaison  initiates communications between the local Middle School PTSA.  The coordinator also serves on the PTSA Board.  Requires very brief periods of activity throughout the school year.  (Note: Parents who are involved with Middle School PTSA may volunteer to serve as the FDHS liaison to that school.)


High School Liaison  builds a comprehensive relationship between the FDHS PTSA and the PTSA/PTSO representatives from surrounding PG County High Schools. The coordinator also serves on the PTSA Board.   Requires very brief periods of activity throughout the school year.


PTSA Faculty Liaison is the FDHS staff member appointed by the principal to attend meetings of the FDHS PTSA and provide periodic reports to the PTSA.  Requires a modest level of activity throughout the school year.



If you are interested in joining the FDHS PTSA and volunteering please contact the Volunteer Coordinator immediately:

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